Product Spotlight

Abeego Beeswax

These little guys pack a big punch in my house. I use these wraps everyday and I can’t say enough about them! This is a somewhat newer type of food storage wrap that describes themselves to be reusable beeswax that breathes and keeps your food fresher for longer and I have to say…they aren’t lying!

Not only do they prolong the life of my food, but I’ve reduced the amount of plastic food wrap by using them! They are self adhesive and take the shape of whatever you wrap in it, then when you’re done simply rinse it off with cold water afterwards and reuse to your heart’s content. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

When I really love a product or company and what they stand for, I like to spread the love. I have bought these as gifts for friends who have all told me how fabulous they are. I’ve had co-workers buy them after seeing me using them and rave about them. My coworkers could not believe how green my two day old avocado was and quite frankly, neither could I!

I’ve had my wraps for a year and they have just started to slowly show their age, but being biodegradable and compostable you can return them right where they came from…the earth.

I encourage everyone to join the beeswax food wrap movement!

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