Product Spotlight


There is no reason why we shouldn’t already be using these because I think we can all agree that the plastic produce bags in the grocery store isle are nothing short of cringe worthy. You know what ones I mean, the clear colourless thin plastic bags on the roll in the produce isle that you can NEVER get to pull apart!! I’m getting angry just thinking about them! But, luckily there are options out there like these handy bags that you can try for really, the price of your morning latte.

These particular reusable bags can be found in most grocery store isles and are colour coded so you can use the same one for a specific type of produce if you prefer. The mesh material allows you to easily scan items without trouble at checkout and they are lightweight, have a drawstring closure and are machine washable. I find them to be practical, easy to use and affordable which for me, makes them a must have in my quest to be eco conscious.

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