Why Bees Are So Important

   By Mary England   May 20, 2021.

Most people think of bees as the small, yellow and black insect that makes the sweet, delectable honey that we put in our tea. But in reality, bees are so much more. The world would not be possible without bee’s. Bees give life to all beings. Bees are a unique species that give beauty to the world. But more importantly, bees provide food and life to humans and other animals. Bees are pollinators, and the food chain could not be sustained without pollination. Bees play a vital role in maintaining ecosystems in nature. This allows plants to grow and ecosystems to rejuvenate. Pollination gives life to over 90% of plants on earth. A large portion of the food consumed by humans requires pollination, making bees crucial for our survival. More specifically, bees pollinate over one third of food consumed by humans. To add, not only do bees pollinate plants consumed by humans, but they also play a significant role in the food supply for animals.

We, as humans, need to do our part to maintain the bee population. They are vital in the survival of the human race. Without bees, all ecosystems would be negatively impacted, and the food supply for humans and animals would significantly affected. Plant species could die off, causing other animals to go extinct. Famine would occur in humans without the necessary food that is maintained by bees.

Bees are so much more than small insects. They give life to all species on earth and allow ecosystems to grow and thrive. World Bee Day gives us the opportunity to recognize the significant impact that bees have on the planet, and to do our part to help them do their job of helping us.

Why bees are so important:

  1.  Provide food to other species
  2.  Pollinate plants all over the world
  3.  Give beauty to the earth
  4.  Involved in maintaining the food chain
  5.  Allow a variety of species to exist with each other
  6.  Play a role in the economy for agriculture

What we can do to help bees:

  1. Plant trees, flowers and other species of plants that promote bee pollination
  2. Don’t use insecticides
  3. Support research, charities and organizations committed to helping to sustain the bee population
  4. Educate others on the impact that bees have on the earth

Click on the image to learn more about WORLD BEE DAY!

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