Canada Wide “Emission Free” Tour 2021

Eco-train is excited to announce the Canada wide, Phone Case Recovery tour is now underway.  I’ll be visiting cell phone dealers coast to coast to talk about SHARED PRODUCER RESPONSIBILITY and how the CIRCULAR ECONOMY provides the best model to eliminate plastic waste generated by the phone case industry.  I will be working hard over the next several months to add a number of new retail partners to the program so that consumers will have the ability to recycle their old phone cases no matter where they live in Canada.
I’ll be using the Tesla Trans-Canada Supercharger network while generating ZERO EMISSIONS on my journey.
The full trip from Vancouver to Halifax and back will be documented on the following social media pages.
Instagram – @eco_train
Facebook – @CanadaEcoTrain
LinkedIn – @Bob Cain

Retailers subscribe through the following wireless accessory distribution partners.



Some of the amazing retail partners I’ve seen along the way!

The tour will resume Aug. 3rd 2021.   Check back for more updates!

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