Eco-Train partners with PLAEX Building Systems

Eco-train is thrilled to announce a partnership with PLAEX Building Systems to provide the most sustainable end-of-use solution for old phone and tablet cases.  I recently met with PLAEX’s CEO and Founder, Dustin Bowers to see if phone and tablet cases could be used as a feed stock material for their proprietary composite building materials.

After some preliminary testing – all signs point to YES!    Going forward, all phone and tablet cases collected by our eastern Canadian retail partners will now be sent to PLAEX.   The team at PLAEX will  incorporate these materials into their proprietary composite, interlocking building systems. 

PLAEX has worked together with the construction industry to create a robust system that can meet and exceed industry standards, as well as stand up to the increasing environmental demands created by climate change.

Eco-Train is proud to offer the wireless industry a ground breaking solution for the PLASTIC WASTE generated by the Phone Case Industry.

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