Eco-Train Accepts All Wireless Accessories

Eco-Train brings wireless accessory brands, distributors and retailers together to eliminate waste generated by the wireless industry.

The Government of Canada has confirmed that plastic pollution is everywhere in the environment, including on shorelines, in surface waters, sediment, soil, groundwater, indoor and outdoor air, drinking water, and food. The linear economic model of “take, make, use, waste” is no longer viable.

Heading into Year 4 of the Material Recovery program, Eco-Train and program partners have eliminated over 100,000 pounds of plastic waste and nearly 5,000 pounds of electronic waste. It’s a decent start, but we still have a long way to go. It’s going to take a lot more organizations, and consumers getting on board to make the vision of #WasteFreeFuture a reality.

This year Eco-Train aims to eliminate 1,000,000 lbs. of waste from the wireless industry.

Eco-Train accepts

  • Phones, tablets and smart-watches
  • Phone and tablet cases
  • Data cables, charging hubs and portable chargers.
  • Mounts and screen protectors/screen protector trays
  • Bluetooth products (ear buds and speakers)
  • Wired earbuds
  • Tracking devices (Apple AirTags/Tiles)




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