Eco-Train commits to creating a sustainable consumer landscape with a focus on advancing the circular economy.  We are dedicated to the promotion of Earth-friendly products and resource recovery to eliminate waste.

Our Philosophy

At Eco-Train, we share a deep love and respect for planet Earth.  As fellow stewards of the environment, we believe it’s our responsibility to educate businesses and consumers to behave more sustainably.  We aim to stimulate behavioural change at local, national and global levels to ensure a healthy, sustainable and habitable planet.

The Eco-Train Story

Midway through the summer of 2019 while hiking through Vancouver’s spectacular north shore mountains, I contemplated the meaning of circularity and harmony as it exists in all forms of nature.  With the previous five years seeing the hottest global average temperatures ever recorded and the global plastic pollution crisis growing exponentially out of control, I was growing more and more concerned about the state of our planet and just how liveable it would be for future generations.

I got to thinking about the circle of life.  Funny as it may seem, the theme song from the Lion King popped into my head – Hakuna Matata.  The circle of life, circularity.  I reflected on my education in Neuroscience and Electronic Engineering Technology and the principals of circularity, equilibrium, harmony and balance.  All of which are fundamental in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, metaphysics & Taoism.  I realized, perhaps the most fundamental principal in nature is the concept of circularity.  No matter how much life tends to ebb and flow between extremes, nature always finds a way to return to a state of balance.

If this principal is true in all aspects of nature, why is the global economy somehow an exception to these laws?  Well, the economy is not an exception to these laws.  The reason our planet is on the brink of climate and plastic pollution crisis is because government and industries have ignored the most fundamental principle for too long.  Our environment can no longer tolerate a linear approach to economic growth.  Industry must immediately transition to producing products and packaging to be made from sustainable renewable resources.  Industry must also look after the waste entering the environment by ensuring end of life responsibility through material recovery programs that eliminate landfill and pollution.

Advancing a healthy circular economy is at the heart and soul of Eco-Train.

As I descended back down the mountain, I was compelled to make a meaningful difference.  I told myself, “It’s time to get on the Eco-Train – It’s time to start Eco-Training!”

Bob Cain – CEO & Founder


Proud member of the RCBC and Recycling Council of Ontario