Eco-Train acknowledges that our office is located on the unceded, unsurrendered ancestral home of the Kwikwetlem First Nation, which has historically nurtured the land, water, and air of this territory and continues to do so today.

What We Do

Eco-Train aims to advance the circular economy through shared producer responsibility, resource recovery and innovative technologies to eliminate waste.


Phone Case Recovery – Mission

Eliminate plastic and electronic waste from the wireless industry by establishing partnership agreements with multiple industry leading brands, distributors and retailers.   Together, we are implementing the simplest, most effective, transparent, trackable and affordable solution to eliminate waste.  

Our Philosophy

We share a deep love and respect for planet Earth.  As fellow stewards of the environment, it’s our responsibility to better educate ourselves and others to behave more sustainably.  Eco-Train aims to stimulate behavioral change at individual, local, national and global levels to ensure a healthy, sustainable and habitable planet for future generations to come.  Our kids and grandkids need us to figure this out.

The Eco-Train Story

One day mid-summer of 2019, I was hiking at təmtəmíxʷtən (Belcarra Provincial Park) BC and got thinking about circularity and harmony in nature.  The previous five years saw the hottest global average temperatures ever recorded.  The plastic pollution crisis is getting worse, year over year.  Animal populations have declined by nearly 70%, just in the last 50 years.

Circularity seems to be a central theme in just about every domain of academic inquiry, both in the Arts and Sciences.

  • Mathematics (Pi and Calculus)
  • Physics (Energy/Frequency/Cosmology/Astronomy)
  • Chemistry (Diffusion/Ionic Equilibrium)
  • Biology (Circadian Rhythms/Homeostasis)
  • Ecology (Negative Feedback Loops/Balance)
  • Physiology (Thermoregulation)
  • Neuroscience (Neuroadaptation)
  • Psychology (Dichotomies/Equilibrium/Harmony)
  • Sociology (Circular Causality/Social Equilibrium),
  • Eastern Philosophy (Taoism, T’ai chi, Circular Modality, Buddhism)
  • Art (Symmetrical, Asymmetrical and Radial Balance)

Circularity is perhaps the most fundamental, omnipresent principal in nature.  No matter how much life tends to ebb and flow between extremes, nature always seeks equilibrium, harmony and balance.  The further we push the natural balance out of order, the harder nature is going to push us back.

“In order for humanity to live sustainably on this planet, we need to see ourselves and the world differently.  People and societies are not separate and removed from the web of life, but instead intrinsically interconnected and interdependent with it.” –The Circularity of Life

Earth’s environment will no longer tolerate a linear approach to economic growth.  Industry and supply chains must immediately transition toward an ecologically sustainable, circular economy.  Going forward, manufacturing brands must only produce products and packaging made from sustainable, renewable resources.  Retailers must implement material recovery programs.  Consumers are responsible to return materials to be repurposed in the emerging circular economy.


It stands to reason, unless we figure out how to recirculate finite resources and materials, they will eventually run out.   Finding a solution requires Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws to be imposed on industry supply chains.  Unfortunately, these laws have yet to be written.  Fortunately we don’t have to wait for the world’s governments to enforce a solution.   Collectively, industry can solve the issue today through Shared Producer Responsibility.

Driving home after that hike, I made a commitment to Mother Nature.  I promised to make a meaningful difference, to help make things better.  I told myself, “It’s time to get on the Eco-Train – It’s time to start Eco-Training.”   In that moment, Eco-Train was born.

Advancing the Circular Economy effectively and affordably, remains at the heart and soul of Eco-Train.

Bob Cain – CEO & Founder

Eco-Train is a Canadian company and proud member of the Circular Innovation Council and Recycling Council of British Columbia

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