Meet the Team

Bob Cain Eco-Train Portrait 2

Bob Cain – Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Bob!  I’ve spent the past 20+ years of my career selling wireless accessories in Canada.  While I definitely recognize the need for protective phone cases, unfortunately these materials are destined to become landfill or pollution when people are done using them.  With this mind, Eco-train has partnered with Canada’s leading mobile accessory distributors and leading phone case brands to implement a national Phone Case Recovery program.  Our team is committed to helping drive the systems change necessary to create a more sustainable, circular economy in Canada.


Alan McKearney – VP of Business Development

Hello everyone, I’m Alan.  Throughout my career in retail management, each organization I’ve worked with has had one thing in common, a linear focus.  Every business has the goal of getting their product into the hands of the consumer, and as frequently as possible.  In today’s world while business and profitability are important, what happens in the tail-end of a product’s life cycle is equally important.  I’m passionate about bringing my business skills together with a drive to make the world a better place for generations to come.  As a millennial, I know that the fate of the planet will rest largely on my generation over the next few decades.  By joining Eco-Train I have the ability to bring together my passions for business and the promotion of a sustainable, circular economy.  When I’m not working I spend my time volunteering in youth sports as well, as the well-being and teamworking skills of the next generation are almost as important as the state of the planet we leave them with.



Lauren circle

Lauren Cain – Graphic Designer

Hello, I’m Lauren! I’m in my graduating year at the George Brown College School of Design in Toronto, Ontario. Before studying Graphic Design, I graduated from the college with a certificate in Art and Design. I have always had a passion for both the arts and the environment so getting the chance to use my creativity to create eco-inspired content and spread awareness is an amazing opportunity.



Niall Cain – Account Manager

Hey there, I’m Niall. I am a recent marketing graduate from Niagara College. I believe that adopting a sustainable lifestyle is essential to ensuring that our beautiful planet remains habitable for all generations to come. The world of business is always changing, and I am so excited to be a part of a company that is working diligently to use sustainable practices to change the way we think about the products we buy as well as how we dispose of them.


Jess Konkle face picture circle

Jess Konkle (Eco-Trainer)

Hi! I’m Jessica. About seven years ago is when my desire for incorporating eco friendly alternatives into my life began. I’m not a self professed tree hugger (although I do love a good hug) I’m just a regular girl hoping to be more conscious of my carbon footprint and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Because, guess what, it really can be that easy. By no means am I an expert in green living,  I am simply curious and I love sharing my thoughts, ideas and opinions.  I’m excited that now I can to do so with eco-train.


Mary England (Eco-Trainer)

Hi! I’m Mary! Living a clean lifestyle is really important to me because our world’s future depends on it. I am proud to be a part of the Environmental and Climate Club at Carson Graham Secondary School. I am on a mission to make an environmental difference by making our school community more aware of the best ways they can live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Recognizing that one common thing among all students was the possession of a cell phone, the club decided to start the social awareness program by using Eco-train’s phone case recovery bin. I realize that the accumulative effects of the small steps in recycling can have a huge impact on changing the effects of global warming. I am eager to learn more about ways to help contribute to a cleaner environment. I want to be the young voice of our future that is able to share this information to inspire others to do their part and make a difference!