Zero Waste Conference

The Zero Waste Conference is presented by Metro Vancouver and the National Zero Waste Council offering participants a curated program of local and global thought leaders who share their insights and inspirations about circular economy success stories and waste prevention innovations.

Resiliency, Prosperity, Carbon Neutrality – the Circular Economy Solution

We live in a vastly changed and rapidly changing world. What was once waste is now considered essential, and our future is no longer about a ‘return to normal’. But what does it mean to step into creative and innovative thinking that determines not just improvements on the past, but radical newness? How do we broaden the mantra of Build Back Better so that there is ample space for creativity and innovation, for new frontiers and new concepts of community and prosperity? How do we craft a future for ourselves as Canadians and as global citizens that help us secure healthy, strong, thriving, resilient, prosperous and inclusive communities for generations to come?

The circular economy offers a solution. By designing out waste, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems, it creates vital opportunities for economic growth that also restore the environment, create jobs, and benefit society.

Disruptive times can be the kindling that fuels both creativity and innovation. Leading businesses and governments have already taken important steps towards building a circular economy and now is the time to build on this momentum and do more, not less.

For 10 years, the Zero Waste Conference has been at the forefront of Canada’s circular economy journey. And once again, we are bringing together thought leaders, innovators and change makers, surfacing some of the best ideas from the last 10 years while at the same time, presenting pioneering solutions that take us to a future we’ve only begun to dare dream is possible.

As the world faces unprecedented challenges, we are more committed than ever to accelerating the transition to a circular, zero waste economy, creating solutions that combine economic opportunity with benefits to wider society and the environment.

We invite you to join us once again.

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Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Waste Reduction Week in Canada is a year-round program, focused solely on the principles of circular economy, resource efficiency, and waste reduction. The program’s primary purpose is to celebrate our environmental efforts and achievements while encouraging new innovative ideas and solutions. The celebratory nature of the campaign is how its motivates learning and behavior change.

The program’s educational resources and “take action” messaging empower all Canadians to adopt more environmentally conscious choices. Waste Reduction Week in Canada further provides information and ideas to reduce waste in all facets of daily living, creating the solutions to the many environmental challenges we face including climate change, water pollution and preservation of natural resources.

The Circular Economy exists to take care of old and unwanted things or else sooner or later we’ll be swimming in litter. Recycle your old phone case with the eco-train Case Recovery Program.

Phone Case Recovery

Product Spotlight


There is no reason why we shouldn’t already be using these because I think we can all agree that the plastic produce bags in the grocery store isle are nothing short of cringe worthy. You know what ones I mean, the clear colourless thin plastic bags on the roll in the produce isle that you can NEVER get to pull apart!! I’m getting angry just thinking about them! But, luckily there are options out there like these handy bags that you can try for really, the price of your morning latte.

These particular reusable bags can be found in most grocery store isles and are colour coded so you can use the same one for a specific type of produce if you prefer. The mesh material allows you to easily scan items without trouble at checkout and they are lightweight, have a drawstring closure and are machine washable. I find them to be practical, easy to use and affordable which for me, makes them a must have in my quest to be eco conscious.

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Lifeproof WAKE protects your device and the planet!

The LifeProof WAKE protective case features a fashion forward wave pattern and 2-meter drop protection, all in an ultra-thin one-piece design made from over 85% ocean based recycled plastic.

WAKE is LifeProof’s first case made from recycled plastics, over 85% of which comes from ocean based recycled plastic, including fishing nets and ropes.

Fishing nets and many other recoverable plastics make up a massive portion of all plastics currently in the ocean. LifeProof WAKE cases are the only case in the Canadian market that recycle ocean plastics and turn them into stylish and sustainable cases, without sacrificing performance.

Why Make a Case from Recycled Fishing Nets?

Why do anything? Because it’s the right thing to do. While much of Canada has focused on ridding the world of plastic straws, which made up less than 1 percent of all plastics in the ocean, abandoned fishing nets and other harmful plastics make up a much greater percentage of all waste in the ocean.

What the United Nations is Saying

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, there are 640,000 tonnes of “ghost” fishing nets currently in our oceans which is equal to more than 10 percent of all plastic in the sea.

If these types of plastics are not recaptured, they will break down and turn into micro plastics which fish and other sea mammals will ingest. That’s why LifeProof Wake is prepared to make waves not only in their case’s design, but in the circular economy the world is working towards today.

A portion of all proceeds from cases sold will also go back to helping with clean water related causes and it all comes in a recyclable packaging.



  • Made from over 85% ocean based recycled plastic
  • Unique wave-pattern aesthetic
  • Clean, one-piece construction
  • Doesn’t interfere with displays or cameras
  • Drop Proof up to 2 meters
  • Styled with a subtle wave pattern
  • 100% recyclable packaging


Phone Case Recovery

NEW Clear compostable cases from Pela!

Pela is a Canadian company headquartered in Kelowna BC that creates sustainable, plant-based alternatives to conventional plastic products. They created the world’s first ever fully compostable phone case. Now they have created the world’s first ever CLEAR 100% compostable phone case. The cases offer Military-Grade Drop Protection for your device and are available in multiple colors.

Pela also supports the Circular Economy in Canada by sponsoring the eco-train Case Recovery Program. Pela cases that are returned through the program are returned back to Pela for re-use or industrial composting.

Pela aims to remove 1 BILLION POUNDS of plastic from the waste stream by 2028 – That’s an agresive and very impressive goal!

These cases are available now with free shipping anywhere in Canada at

Phone Case Recovery

NEW Compostable protective case from Uunique London

The Unnique NUTRISITI Series Eco-Guard Case offers durability and an eco-conscious design that is 100% biodegradable/compostable.

The Uunique Nutrisiti Eco-Guard Case features a dual injection design with a smooth matte finish for a professional smart look. The 2mm thickness gives users the slim design they want, with all of the drop protection (up to 6ft.) they need. The reinforced raised edge protects the users screen from meeting the pavement while the one-piece design offers an effortless and snug fit to the contours of the phone.

NUTRISITI cases are made with customised blends of 100% biodegradable/compostable polymers and plant-based materials.

1% of Purchase Will Help Save The Planet

Uunique London has committed 1% to help leading globally recognised eco-charities & relief organisations working for the betterment of our environment and oceans.

Plastic Free – Zero Waste

Shipment packaging is plastic free and entirely recyclable. Uunique NUTRISITI is supplied as an eco-friendly solution and includes sustainable uncoated packaging that is printed with soy-ink and uses natural glue ingredients.



    • 6ft. Military Drop Protection
    • 100% Biodegradable/Compostable
    • 2mm Thickness – Slim Contoured Protection
    • Reinforced Raised Screen Edge Protection
    • Grooved for Grip & Protection
    • Supports Qi Wireless Charging
    • Access to All Ports and Buttons



Apple: iPhone 11 iPhone SE/8/7/6s/6

Phone Case Recovery

Product Spotlight

Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap

If you aren’t familiar with the Dr. Bronners family of products you must stop what you’re doing right now and start your research because this company is knocking it out of the park. With their wide range of products that take you, your home and our earth into consideration with everything they do.

Currently I’m crushing on the unscented liquid castile soap. I know, I know, it sounds boring, but there are just so many things that it can be used for and with the help of some essential oils, I can scent it myself to whatever my heart desires that day.

When using the castile soap they suggest diluting it. Not too worry though, on their website they offer a list of different ways the soaps can be used along with a dilution cheat sheet. Super easy! I’ve tried a number of the recipes, which range from cleaners to veggie wash to toothpaste…yes I said toothpaste!  For the more adventurous the soaps come in a wide range of scents, all of which are biodegradable and made with organic and certified fair trade ingredients and packed in 100% recycled bottles.

With many certifications, Dr Bronner’s products are certified to the strictest industry standards. The truth is in the labeling! No greenwashing hype here!

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Product Spotlight

Abeego Beeswax

These little guys pack a big punch in my house. I use these wraps everyday and I can’t say enough about them! This is a somewhat newer type of food storage wrap that describes themselves to be reusable beeswax that breathes and keeps your food fresher for longer and I have to say…they aren’t lying!

Not only do they prolong the life of my food, but I’ve reduced the amount of plastic food wrap by using them! They are self adhesive and take the shape of whatever you wrap in it, then when you’re done simply rinse it off with cold water afterwards and reuse to your heart’s content. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

When I really love a product or company and what they stand for, I like to spread the love. I have bought these as gifts for friends who have all told me how fabulous they are. I’ve had co-workers buy them after seeing me using them and rave about them. My coworkers could not believe how green my two day old avocado was and quite frankly, neither could I!

I’ve had my wraps for a year and they have just started to slowly show their age, but being biodegradable and compostable you can return them right where they came from…the earth.

I encourage everyone to join the beeswax food wrap movement!

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Product Spotlight

The Swag

Swag bags are designed to keep your produce fresher for longer…like 2 weeks longer and guess what? They totally work! This uniquely designed bag allows me to stock up at the market on weekends without having to worry about eating all my delicious goodies quickly before they go to waste.

Not only do these bags save me money on my grocery bill by eliminating food waste, they also save me time by cutting the amount of grocery trips I make and they cut my trash by eliminating the need for plastic produce bags. They work with all produce from apples to berries to potatoes and I love how they are colour coated for convenience, which helps to keep the fridge organized as well as clean.

If I haven’t already convinced you that you need The Swag, these Oprah approved (that’s right Oprah likes them too) bags are made from non toxic compostable cotton, are vegan and plastic free, ethical and fair trade certified and are machine washable. If you are looking to reduce your use of single use products and want to keep your produce fresher longer these are for you. I’ll be honest, they weren’t cheap, but I’m sure what I paid for them I have already recouped the cost in less food waste.

Check them out and the other Swag merch they offer. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!