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The Plastics Problem

359 Million Metric tonnes produced globally in 2018. The rate of plastic production has climbed steadily over the last 70 years.  Like clockwork the last ten years.

platic production

There are five growing islands of plastic waste floating in the world’s oceans.  2017 National Geographic – Drowning in Plastic

National Geographic framed

It’s estimated that these five islands constitute only 5% of plastic in the ocean.  The other 95% either sank or has broken down into micro-plastics. 

What does the Canadian Government have to say?


How did we get in this mess?

The Linear Economy; The traditional way of creating and disposing of products.  A create, use and throw away mentality.  Materials flow one way continuously adding to landfill and pollution.


Can we fix it?

The circular economy provides a methodology where waste is designed out of product life cycle from the outset.   Once a product has reached the end of it’s useful life, materials are not disposed of in garbage cans; rather they make their way back to manufacturers to be reused in creating new products.   Materials that can’t be recycled for a new life are put into a “Waste to Energy Program” thereby extracting as much value from the materials as possible while eliminating plastic waste and pollution


eco-train accepts ALL compostable, biodegradable, recyclable and mixed plastic cases regardless of brand (with the exception of battery cases and those made of metal)