Material Recovery

Save time, money, and the environment with Eco-Train!

Eco-Train provides brand, distributor, and retail partners with an effective and affordable way to eliminate waste and grow their business.  The Phone Case Recovery utilizes a model of Shared Producer Responsibility to cover program costs while providing the most sustainable, end-of-use solutions for the materials collected.  We will never solve the global waste crisis by acting alone.  If we work together, and we all do our part, the problem can be solved. 


Eco-Train boxes are given to retailers to collect old, unwanted devices and accessories from the public, so customers will no longer put them in the garbage when they are done with them.  The program gives customers one more reason to come into their stores.  Retailers ship returns, at their discretion, to one of two Eco-Train Return Depots located BC and NB.  Retailers are responsible for the freight.  All returns are tracked by Eco-Train and reported to program partners.


Eco-Train accepts

  • Phones, tablets and smart-watches
  • Phone and tablet cases
  • Data cables, chargers and mounts
  • Screen protectors/screen protector trays
  • Bluetooth products (ear buds and speakers)
  • Wired earbuds
  • Tracking devices (Apple AirTags/Tiles)

The Retail Partner Portal provides members with added marketing benefits while facilitating networking and communication with other wireless industry stakeholders.  

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