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The Phone Case Recovery program is only made possible with the support of our 11 amazing Brand Sponsors.  Each brand genuinely cares about the environment while committing to advancing a more circular economy for the wireless industry.


These industry leaders have agreed that Shared Producer Responsibility provides the most effective and sustainable path forward for the wireless industry.  Environmental considerations are top of mind for each of them.  Gong forward, each brand has committed to using more recycled content for their products and packaging while and engineering waste out of the product lifecycle along the way.  They all deserve recognition as industry leaders that are producing high quality, useful products for consumers while actively reducing the environmental impact of their business along the way.  Collectively, we will create a more sustainable industry and establish a waste-free-future for generations to come.

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When it comes to conserving our natural resources, we’re all in this together. That’s why Otter Products is doing our part to reduce our environmental impact by constantly exploring new and more Earth-friendly ways to improve the lifecycle of our products.

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As a global citizen, ZAGG is changing the way we think, design, produce, and package. We’re forming partnerships that help us maximize our efforts, and we’re creating solutions that benefit consumers and the planet.


Our mission: to make a difference – The average smartphone user upgrades to a new mobile device every two years and changes phone cases even more often. In this fast-fashion world where it’s so easy to upgrade, we forget that the phones and cases we leave behind quickly add up. Worldwide, hundreds of millions of outdated smartphones and accessories end up in landfills, where the plastic and toxins they contain seriously harm the planet. That’s why we decided to create new cases made of plant-based materials and recycled plastics.

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Made with you in mind is not just our catchy slogan, it’s how we approach each and everything we do. Sure, we want to design and deliver tailored solutions that perfectly fit your needs but, we also want to make sure we are reducing our footprint and protecting Mother Earth in the process. Internally we have a “1:1” initiative that drives our brand to consider – “Is there a more responsible way to do this?”


Each case within the kate spade NEW YORK and Coach collections for the iPhone 13 incorporate Eastman Tritan™ Renew copolyester, a durable material with 50% ISCC-certified recycled content1. Another sustainability enhancement is packaging made with recycled materials, so consumers can make more eco-friendly choices to protect their device and the planet.

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Case-Mate is committed to lowering our carbon footprint with the products and packaging we create. Our goal is to provide our customers with a more sustainably manufactured product that contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving fossil fuels. Our latest collection for the iPhone 13 series incorporates new, innovative plant-based and recycled plastics.

With value beyond protection, the brand is taking steps to push forward to inspire awareness and influence change towards a more sustainable future. In addition to the Outback series being 100% compostable bioplastic, UAG has also improved the Outback series packaging using zero plastic and 100% recyclable materials.


Whether you’re working, playing, or exploring, we’re meeting you at each juncture with thoughtful design and innovative technology that helps you squeeze the most out of every moment for a Life, Better Lived.


We guarantee everything we make – Because we know prioritizing durability results in consuming less energy, wasting less water and creating less trash.

We know how your accessories are made – Everything we make has an impact on people and the planet. We visit our factories regularly and have local staff.

We keep our gear in the loop –We buy used materials, collect used products and transform them into something new.


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