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It all begins with someone like you

At mellow, we constantly work to innovate and find ways to make our products more sustainable. We know business decisions almost always come down to dollars and cents, but we also know that we need to look at the bigger picture. We believe Canada needs a robust community of entrepreneurs who use their companies to create inclusive prosperity in an environmentally sustainable way. Taking positive steps for society and the environment is just something that had to be integrated into our business, from supporting NGO’s (by giving 1% of our sales to Plastic Oceans Canada) to taking responsibility for the treatment or disposal of post-consumer plastic phone cases.

Let’s keep phone cases IN our loop, not OUT.

The average smartphone user upgrades to a new mobile device every two years and changes phone cases even more often. In this fast-fashion world where it’s so easy to upgrade, we forget that the phones and cases we leave behind quickly add up. Solving this growing problem requires creating a plastics economy that is smart, sustainable, and circular. The easiest way to make a circular economy possible is to catch the products while they are being consumed, before they get mixed up with everything else.

Eco-Train Phone Case Recovery Program

Are you the owner of a plastic phone case, but its lifespan is coming to an end?

If you currently have a plastic phone case and would like to dispose of it —or even better, replace it with a compostable mellow case —follow those steps:

  • Use the store locator to find the nearest participating retailer.
  • Drop off your old phone case(s) in one of our case recovery boxes. — If you are in Montreal, you are welcome to pop into our office, say hi and drop your plastic case in our recovery box.
  • If there’s no retailer near you, you can simply send the case back to us by post. In addition to the phone case, also include your email address to which you want to receive the 40% discount on one of our compostable cases.
  • Send a photo of you dropping your case in a recovery box by Instagram to @mymellowcase or by email to and get a 50% discount your next mellow order.
  • Post a photo of you dropping your case in a recovery box on Instagram and tag @mymellowcase with the hashtag #mellowrecovery and get a 60% discount on your next mellow order.
  • Feel good about yourself — you just helped minimize the amount of plastic waste on our planet.

Where to send a used phone case?


3800 St-Patrick, Suite 315

Montreal, Quebec H4E 1A4