Assembly Instructions

Watch video first!


Start from flat

STEP 1: Fold up sides and fold in minor flaps. Then bring up the back and roll over the minor panels, to lock the tabs into the slots.    The small flange pieces on the roll-over panel will bend backwards and create corner ledges inside.

**Bend the perforated edge away against a flat, corner surface.  This makes the next two steps a lot easier.

STEP 2: Roll the whole thing over, then push down the 4 flaps on the front face exposing the lock slots.

STEP 3:  Fold the front face into position and fit the locking tabs into their respective slots.  Two at a time.

STEP 4:   Turn the box over on a flat surface and roll over the front panels.  Fold the last section over the top tightly while locking the last two tabs into place.



Assemble the 8″x10″x12″ collection box.  Tape the bottom.  Fold the top four flaps down to the outside and insert it under the Phone Case Recovery display box.  It should fit snug.

Showcase the display somewhere visable within your store.  Be sure to encourage your staff and customers to scan the QR code on the top front of the box.  Here they will learn everything they need to know about the program.   Start collecting old phone cases.

Once the box is full, remove the collection box and empty it into another box.  When your store is ready to return cases to Eco-Train for sorting, scan the QR code on the back of the box.

Here you will find the Eco-Train RETURN AUTHORIZATION FORM.  Please fill out and submit the form.  Eco-Train will provide an RA Code within 3 business days along with shipping instructions to send the cases to the closest collection and sorting depot.

Replace the collection box back under the display and continue collecting more cases.

Thank-you for doing you part to reduce the plastic waste!