The Circular Economy

What is the circular economy?

The linear way our economies use resources and dispose of them is increasingly putting pressure on our natural systems, communities, and public health. Transitioning to a clean economy starts with finding smart new approaches and technologies that create economic opportunities out of the materials we might otherwise throw away.

The circular economy is a new way of doing business that extracts as much value as possible from resources by recycling, repairing, reusing, repurposing, or refurbishing products and materials—eliminating waste and greenhouse gas emissions at the design stage. Businesses can use circular designs to save money or open up new market opportunities, from turning pulp-and-paper-mill waste into renewable bioproducts, to launching product buy-back programs that enhance customer interaction and recover usable materials. This movement has been gaining global momentum in recent years.

Simply put, by participating in the circular economy, communities, businesses, and people—of all ages and from all walks of life—are rethinking the potential value of materials and products before they become waste. The circular economy is finding ways to move toward greener, more sustainable options that support a cleaner and more competitive economy.

The long-term goal of the circular economy is to design out the concept of waste.

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World Circular Economy Forum 2021

The 2021 edition of the landmark circular economy event of the year, the World Circular Economy Forum, will be held in Toronto, Ontario, at the Beanfield Centre, from September 13 to 15.

Canadian businesses and the circular economy

The Canadian business community is at the forefront of reimagining the way we use our resources.

Get involved in the Circular Economy

Some examples of creative ways to recycle or repurpose items, reduce food waste, and repair things instead of throwing them out.


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